Pitch Process

All trades are first pitched to the General Body. If pitches are deemed actionable, the Risk group will run risk exposure and downside tests using our models.  The Chief Risk Officer is able to communicate any issues during Investment Committee deliberation and when the trade comes to the final approval meeting with our faculty advisor. After trade execution, Risk analysts continue monitoring each position and Coverage Directors provide updates on monthly basis to the Investment Committee.

Members can track AIF's portfolio here.



1-800-Flowers (Short Equity) - Calvin Y., Agustina S., Stephanie C.
Advanced Micro Devices (Long Equity) - Ruyan Zhang
Blackhawk Network (Long Equity) - Calvin Yeh, Han Gu
Canada Goose (Long Equity) - Karan B., Rishi P., Meaghan C., Alaz T., Van S.
Clarus Corp (Long Equity) - Ram Vuppaladadiyam
Corning (Long Equity) - Jacob Katz
Energizer (Short Equity) - Shannon Boner
Five Below (Long Equity) - Jeannie Hirsch
Hexcel (Long Equity) - Rishi Pochiraju, Jared Zhang
Intuitive Surgical (Long Equity) - Stephanie Chen
iRobot (Long Equity) - Maria Soroka
Kellogg's (Short Equity) - William Evensen
Kodak (Short Equity) - Alan Payne, Antonio Almeida
Kroger Co (Short Equity) - Ryan Fulmer
Lululemon (Long Equity) - Ozair Ahmad
Mercadolibre (Long Equity) - Aneesh Susarla
Naspers/Tencent (Long/Short Equity) - Alex Weissman, Ryan Fulmer
PayPal (Long Equity) - Melody Chiang
Raytheon (Long Equity) - Quinn Hollister
Redfin (Long Equity) - Shannon Boner
Roku (Short Equity) - Sarika Pawar
Ross Stores (Long Equity) - Edward Radion
Royal Caribbean (Short Equity) - Dakota Morrell, DJ Jayachandran
Scott's Miracle-Gro Co. (Long Equity) - Josh Eiland
Shutterfly (Short Equity) - Karan B., Aneesh S., Dakota M., Edward R.
Signet Jewelers (Short Equity) - Ozair Ahmad
STAG Industrial (Long Equity) - Anjali K., Jeannie H., Kristen K.
STMicroelectronics (Long Equity) - Jared Zhang
Sysco (Long Equity) - Agustina Stefani
Tailored Brands (Short Equity) - Kunal Chandak, Matt Sonnenblick
The Trade Desk (Short Equity) - Ansel Lu
Time Inc. (Long Equity) - Sasha Clements
TPI Composites (Long Equity) - Marwan Elbattouty
Tractor Supply (Long Equity) - Keegan Altson, Rob Fairfax
Veeva Systems (Long Equity) - Anjali Khanna
Zooplus (Long Equity) - Vamsi Sanagavarapu, Kunal Chandak

SP Plus (Long Equity) - Shannon Boner, Calvin Yeh, Seena Honarvar, Alan Payne
BRF (Long Equity) - Jeffrey Disanto-Ranney
Tootsie Roll (Short Equity) - Van Spina, Andrew Tublin
AB inBev (Long Equity) - Tiffany Kim, Hans Han
Ritter Pharmaceuticals (Long Equity) - Spencer Gorsch
Etsy (Short Equity) - Kartik Gupta
Sprint (Long Equity) - Angela Shen
Barnes & Noble (Short Equity) - Alex Weissman
Alibaba (Long Equity) - Han Gu
Bed Bath and Beyond (Long Equity) - Rishi Pochiraju
BJ's Restaurants (Long Equity) - Kristen Kelly
Columbia Sportswear (Long Equity) - Dakota Morrell
First Solar (Long Equity) - Kunal Chandak
Frontier Communications (Short Equity) - Jeevan Karamsetty, Vamsi Sanagavarapu
Hilton International (Long Equity) - Yuesen He
Lending Club (Long Equity) - Leon Zhan
Nintendo (Hold Equity) - Antonio Mendes
Planet Fitness (Long Equity) - Glenn Catlett
Qualcomm (Long Equity) - Rishi Pochiraju, Kunal Chandak, Glenn Catlett
Starbucks (Long Equity) - DJ Jayachandran
Taubman Centers (Long REIT) - Keegan Alston
Volkswagen (Long Equity) - Matt Sonnenblick
Whole Foods (Short Equity) - John Cragun
Waste Management (Long Equity) - Puneeth Uttla
Shutterfly (Short Equity) - Ted O'Rourke, Jacob Katz
Seritage Growth Properties (Long REIT) - Andrew Tublin
Dunkin Donuts (Long Equity) - Kartik Gupta
Interest Hedged High Yield (Long ETF) - Ryan Wang, Alaz Tanyeri, DJ Jayachandran
e.l.f (Long Equity) - Sarika Pawar, Kristen Kelly
Hilton Grand Vacations (Long Equity) - Calvin Yeh, Jacob Katz
Signet Jewelers (Long Equity) - Dakota Morrell
Euro Volatility (Long Currency) - Alan Payne, Will Evensen
Hanesbrands (Long Equity) - Ansel Lu, Leon Zhan, Matt Sonnenblick
Niocorp (Long Equity) - Jeffrey Disanto-Ranney

Foot Locker (Short Equity) -
 Krishna Korupolu
TripAdvisor (Long Equity) - Aneesh Shah
Dunkin Donuts (Short Equity) - Ozair Ahmad, Shannon Boner
S&P 500 (Long/Short) - Joe Tobin, Ryan Wang
Senior Housing Properties Trust (Long/Short Eq) - Stanton Leavitt, Dylan Patel
Short Riyal/Dollar Pair (Currency Trade) - Ryan Wang
Long Nikkei/Short Yen (Currency Trade) - Krishna Korupolu
Omnicell (Long Equity) - Karan Babbarwal, Ryan Wang, Alex Karimi
Mattel (Short Equity) - Stanton Leavitt
ACCO (Short Equity) - Calvin Yeh, Seena Honarvar
Enerplus (Long Equity) - Spencer Gorsch, John Pijanowski
CIBR (Long ETF) - Angela Shen
Activision Blizzard (Long Equity) - Vamsi Sanagavarpu, Justin Maxey
Strayer Education (Short Equity) - Doug Chan, Calvin Yeh, Jeevan Karamsetty
Yahoo (Long Equity)/Alibaba (Short Equity) - Jason Huang
Covanta Holding Corp (Long Equity) - Alan Payne
Sanderson Farms (Short Equity) - Jeffrey Disanto-Ranney
Visa (Long Equity) - Meaghan Crabill
Spirit Airlines (Long Equity) - Shannon Boner
Timber (Long Commodity) - Angela Shen, Justin Maxey, Doug Chan
Avon Products (Short Equity) - Spencer Gorsch
American Express (Short Equity) - Rob Fairfax, Jacob Katz
Callaway Golf (Long Equity) - William Evensen
Ambarella (Long Equity) - Donny Waymire
WhiteWave Foods (Long Equity) - Mike Song
Domino’s Pizza (Short Equity) - Rohit Rustagi
Newmont Mining Corp (Long Equity) - Amar Singh
Performance Sports Group (Short Equity) - Ted O’Rourke
Union Pacific Railroad (Long Equity) - John Pijanowski, Bryan Horgan
Autoliv (Long Equity) - Van Spina, Andrew Tublin

Blackstone (Long, Equity) - Krishna Korupolu
El Pollo Loco (Short, Equity) Brendan Fogarty, Kelly Halter
Gemalto (Short, Equity) Ryan Bartels, Johnathon Cornish, Aneesh Shah
Grubhub (Short, Equity) Ryan Chen
Habit Burger (Long, Equity) - Jason Huang, Stanton Leavitt
Hilton (Long, Equity) - Paul Tranoris
LiveNation (Long, Equity) - Ryan Chen
Lockheed Martin (Long, Equity) Bryan Horgan, Ryan Wang
Medtronic (Long, Equity) - Karan Babbarwal
Oi Telecommunications (Long, Equity) Jeffery Di Santo, Otto Warmbier
PetSmart (Call Options) - J.Y. Chia
American Campus Communities (Long, Equity) - Dylan Patel
Kroger (Long, Equity) - Tiffany Kim
Charles Schwab (Long, Equity) - J.Y. Chia
Yen/Nikkei (Short Currency, Long Index) - Krishna Korupolu
Caesar's Entertainment (Put Options) - Kartik Gupta, Otto Warmbier
Seadrill (Long, Fixed Income) - Karan Babbarwal, Ansel Lu
Euro Volatility (Long, EVZ) - Aditya Chaudhry
Celgene (Long, Equity) - Adam Liroff, Tiffany Kim
T-Mobile (Long, Equity) - Alex Rein, Christian Pinto
Sierra Wireless (Long, Equity) - Muthu Chidambaram
USD/RUB (Currency) - Joseph Tobin, Ryan Wang
Skechers (Long, Equity) - Brendan Evans
CTC Media Inc (Long, Equity) - Dan Liotta
Greenhill & Co. (Short, Equity) - Yash Agarwal, Krishna Korupolu
SolarCity Corp (Long, Equity) - Ozair Ahmad, David Monse
Standard Pacific Corp (Long, Equity) - Yash Agarwal
Chegg (Long, Equity) - Joseph Tobin
Hasbro (Long, Equity) - Ozair Ahmad
Mobileye (Short, Equity) - Brendan Evans
Sprint (Long, Fixed Income) - Angela Shen, Alex Karimi

Aflac (Long, Equity) - Ryan Bartels
AOS Smith (Long, Equity) Doug Chan
Allegion (Long, Equity Spinoff) - Paul Tranoris
Blue Nile (Long, Equity Pair Trade) - Anna Vesely
Chindex Inc. (Short, Equity Pair Trade) - Rob Barbu
Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (Long, Equity Pair Trade) - Ryan Bartels, Christian Pinto
Concord Medical (Long, Equity Pair Trade) - Rob Barbu
Fortress Investment Group (Long, Equity) - Sam Bernstein
HHGregg (Long, equity) - Spencer Gorsch
General Motors (Long, Equity) - John Pijanowski
Hawaiian Airlines (Long, Equity) - R. Barbu, D. Chan, J.Y. Chia, C. Wong
Lumber Liquidators (Short, Equity) - Otto Warmbier
Maximus (Long, Equity) -Tim Mergenthal
News Corp. (Long, Equity) - William Choi
Noodles & Co. (Short, Equity) - Dante DiSimplico
NQ Mobile (Long, Equity Special Situation) - Aneesh Shah
Potbelly (Long, Equity) - Brendan Fogarty
Skyworks Solutions (Long, Equity) - Christian Pinto
Synaptics (Long, Equity) - Matt Rieke
Telecom Italia (Short, Equity Special Situation) - Jeffrey Di Santo-Ranney
Tiffany & Co (Long, Equity Pair Trade) - Kelly Halter
USD Long/JPY Short (Currency Trade) - Krishna Korupolu
USD Long/JPY Short (Currency Trade) - Ciel Han
Voxeljet (Long, Equity) - Charles Kjelland
WABCO (Long, Equity) - Aneesh Shah
Westport Innovations (Short, Equity Pair Trade) - Aneesh Shah