One of the primary missions of the Alternative Investment Fund is to prepare our members for careers in the finance industry.  Our members are some of the most committed, intelligent, and unique students at the University of Virginia.  Benefits of corporate relations with AIF include access to our select members, an increased presence on campus, and assistance with any on campus recruiting.  We look forward to working with you.

Ways to connect with the Alternative Investment Fund include:

  • Holding social and networking events

  • Providing market commentary at meetings

  • Holding functional workshops

  • Sending a recruiting message

We have had the opportunity to host a number of guest lecturers.  We believe that these speakers helped further our collective knowledge of investing while strengthening our reputation with recruiters. Lecturers included analysts from many prominent hedge funds and investment institutions. Our guest lecturers included:

Global Macro Investing - Kyle Bass, President of Hayman Capital Management
Breaking into Hedge Funds - Ryan Yin, Analyst at Tiger Pacific
ESG Investing - Steven Soranno, Calvert Investment Management
Intrinsic Value Investing - Various analysts, Sands Capital Capital
Investment Management - Larry Kochard, CEO of UVIMCO
Market Efficiency & the Futures - Market Steven Baker, McIntire Professor
Alternative Investments - Rob Whitener, Analyst at Blackrock

Activities can be arranged by contacting our CEO, DJ Jayachandran.